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“The tower’s glass-facetted sculp­tured façade is trans­formed dynamically accor­ding to the light con­ditions – some­times appearing alter­nately lucid and opaque and some­times reflecting.”

The building evolves from polygonal stacked shapes in the plinth area, while its horizon­tally greened spaces are experi­enced from top as a designed land­scape. On the western part of the plot, the contin­uously tapering levels contain town­houses and PD suites, culmi­nating in a private roof garden on the 7th floor. Located on the eastern side, the resi­dential tower consti­tutes the bulk of the build­ing, copying the glass façade of the plinth build­ing. As a result, the build­ing presents itself as a purely glass cube from the 8th floor upwards.

Barkow Leibinger
Schillerstraße 94
10625 Berlin