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“The new Porsche tower is positioned as an unequivo­cal volume on the build­ing plot and all functions are combined under a single roof rather than dividing the different func­tions to several build­ings or build­ing parts.”

The build­ing is aligned with the Quartier Parigot, and merges with it on the plinth zone while the tower posi­tioned in the east rises up from the declining western façade. The disc facing east/west is designed with 3 central cores. The western façade and the eastern side are double-skinned with the exterior skin of the western façade consisting of hori­zon­tally mobile aluminum panels while full-length mobile glazing seg­ments are substi­tutes for the exterior areas.

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects
Mittersteig 13/4
1040 Wien