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“Divided into three charac­teristic bodies, a crystal­line block parallel to the Europa Allee, which houses the design suites, a green block, the “inner-city vertical lung” that allows “parking in the forest”, and the emblem­atic large body, a softly rounded prism-shaped volume, which creates the build­ing’s identity and a connection to the Porsche Design brand.”

The 28-floor shiny black build­ing is distin­guished by matt reflecting and trans­parent façade segments. These are divided into three charac­teristic bodies: 1. The “crystalline block”, whose regularly struc­tured shape houses the Porsche Design Suites facing the Europa Allee, 2. The “green block” in which the eastern and western façade of the park areas are vertically greened, and 3. The “large body”, a rounded and prim-shaped volume which tapers from 77 m height resulting in rectangular layouts of the floors.

Hadi Teherani Architects GmbH
Elbberg 1
22767 Hamburg