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“The four-storey plinth volume … creates a deliberate relation to its vis-à-vis, while its size consti­tutes a con­structed reference to the street as it creates a clear architec­tural order between a hori­zon­tal plinth and a vertical tower volume.”

The in part two-floor balconies, loggias, terraces and winter gardens face east and west. The ground floor to the 4th floor consti­tutes the plinth volume with vertical façade elements, which is crowned by the actual resi­dential tower. The appear­ance of this tower is dominated by cubic structures that are inserted in the western façade with axes that are slightly offset towards the south, giving the building a scale-like structure. The closed surfaces of these exposed concrete cubes serve as solar collectors at the same time.

Mattenstraße 81
2503 Biel / Bienne